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Player Information:
Name: Firebird
Age: 31
Contact: Plurk and AIM names are both haganenomore.
Reserve: 3/29/2016

Fandom Character Information:
Name: Gabriel
Age: Billions upon billions of years old.
Icon: Default icon
Journal: [personal profile] lotsoflaughs
Canon Point: Immediately following Lucifer stabbing him in Hammer of the Gods.
Wiki Link: Wiki page
Powers/Abilities/Talents: Reality-warping, immortality, telepathy/empathy, time-travel, telekinesis are the big ones. The first one accounts for the vast majority of the things he does. (Manifest candy, create constructs, etc.) Honestly, he has a laundry list long enough that if I tried to list everything, something will get missed. It's inevitable.
AU/CR AU Addendum: N/A Taking from canon.

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay?

His archangel blade. Given his powers, he can create anything he wants, making this question mostly moot for him.

Finally, pick one word from these four options: Chimes, lake, gravel or sun. Sun

Samples: (Provide one sample of any type, can even be a link.)

Action spam thread.

Prose thread.
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It's been a couple of weeks since the 'stuck talking in Enochian' incident thanks to cursed candy. Gabriel is fairly certain that he found and destroyed everything that was left from that incident, minus anything that people may have squirreled away for some later time.

He flicks through a magazine idly as he sits on the couch. He isn't really processing what he sees, as it wasn't actually that interesting. It was just something to keep him from getting too bored while waiting for Claudia to get home. She'd told him that she had a lot to do at work today, mostly in the area of research, so for all he knew, she could be another few hours. He's sure he can find something that would actually grab his attention well before then if that turns out to be the case.


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